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Invesco - Private credit 2024 investment outlook

Private credit 2024 investment outlook

For most major central banks, the primary objective for 2023 was fighting inflation while simultaneously maintaining financial stability. They appear to have done this with some degree of success so far, despite challenges earlier in the year when Silicon Valley Bank and Credit Suisse triggered temporary concerns.

Indeed, price rises have slowed sufficiently to allow the Fed, the European Central Bank and the Bank of England to pause rate hikes in recent months. Furthermore, growth in all three regions proved more resilient than expected over the course of the year.

That said, it remains clear that underlying pressures persist. With this in mind, markets are adjusting to the realisation that interest rates are likely to remain higher for a longer period than initially anticipated. Furthermore, we are likely to see slowing economic growth across regions in 2024, as the impact of higher interest rates starts to bite.

Against this backdrop, we sat down with experts from Invesco’s bank loans, direct lending and distressed credit teams. They shared their views on what we can expect from 2024.

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