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Green Innovations: Hydrogen



Hydrogen, first documented back in 1766, is the simplest, lightest and most abundant chemical element in our universe, the first element in the periodic table, and yet it made it possible for humans to explore space. For right and wrong reasons, hydrogen has also often been cited as the number one solution to decarbonization.

The states of the Hydrogen matter: from a fluid situation to more solid progress

At the peak of its hope and hype in 2020-21, hydrogen was making the headlines and was seen as the number one solution to decarbonization. Three years later, it is time for a reality check. What’s a reasonable scenario and where are the opportunities?

While the International Energy Agency estimates that hydrogen would only mitigate 6% of the cumulative emissions reductions needed under its net zero scenario, we believe its role will be key for the so-called hard-to-abate industries (steel, chemicals, heavy-duty transportation and shipping) as these have few alternative options to decarbonize.

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